So you wanna race?  Preregister!

Preregistration is CLOSED. If you didn’t register, don’t worry. We got plenty of slots. See you tomorrow!

If you really wanna race, preregister.  Otherwise, just show up for seeding before 11AM and get on the list. Half the slots are reserved for preregistration. 

From race coordinator, Katio,

There will be 6 Qualifying men’s heats and 6 Qualifying women’s heats!
Each heat will have one rabbit and 5 chasers.

That means there are 36 spots for men/trans and 36 spots for women/trans.

The final heat for all the bones will be filled with the 6 winners from the earlier heats..

Show up at the CLEVELAND CASCADES early (at 11AM!) to seed your place and get in on the action!!!

Seeds will be determined via a .5 mile two person sprint.

Race entry fee is a sliding $7 to $10, the more you throw in, the more you might win. Racers get free entry to the party, all you can eat while it lasts, some tasty bevvies and some rad rockin tunes. Mmm(Paypal – put in your sliding

A little birdie showed me some of the drawing prizes. They’re ‘tatertastic – big thanks to The Spoke Cyclery, Bay Area Bikes, Alameda Bikes, Homespun Bikes, Wheels of Justice Cyclery, East Bay Chinook Book, Rivendell, Actual Cafe and many others!

Think your bike is too fun to race?  Got only one wheel on your bike? Got 2 pairs of legs?  We’ve got a special wacky heat planned, don’t be shy, preregister.


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