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Come race ‘round Lake Merritt!

Chase down the rabbit in seeded heats! Races consist of five riders, each flying a color of their own, trying to catch the flaming rabbit. Catch and beat the rabbit to the line and you advance to the final heat! Come in second? Well thanks for playing and enjoy food and drink at the most fabulous backyard garden party East of the Bay!

There are 30 spots available to men and 30 spots available to women.

SHOW UP at 11AM to seed yourself. Seeds will be determined via a .5 mile two person sprint.

Start at Cleveland Cascade. Race 2 laps around the lake and the first person across the line is the winner! The finish line is at Boden Way.

Race entry fee is a sliding $7 to $10, the more you throw in, the more you might win. Racers get free entry to the party, all you can eat while it lasts, some tasty bevvies and some rad rockin tunes. Mmm, rad….

Preregister to save yourself a spot!


Racing not your bag?! PLACE BETS ON YOUR FRIENDS or whoever you think has the best looking legs!

Betting will begin 15 minutes after the seeding has finished and will close 15 minutes before each race.

Betting tickets double as prize drawing! Simply making a bet enters you in the drawing, but if you win your bet, you get even more chance for prizes. The more you win, the more tickets go into our drawings to win great and exciting donations from local East Bay establishments!

Tickets are 1 for $3, 2 for $4, 3 for $5 or 4 for $10! Throw down a $20 and we’ll give you 20 tickets!

Show up to the races to learn more!

Show up to the races to learn more!


Enjoy tasty treats from the bike blender while spectating on the grassy shores of picturesque Lake Merritt! Hang out, sip a smoothie, snack on fresh treats from the farmer’s market or cozy up with a cool bevvie in baggy.

Watch the Day at the Races

First Male and First Female heat finisher will each receive 25% of the pot!

50% of the pot will be donated to the East Bay Bike Coalition (EBBC)!

Betters get the chance to win sweet prizes!

So come hang out, race ‘round the lake and support a mega great organization!


5 thoughts on “Race Details

  1. […] Race, bet and view from the southeastern side of the lake. Yes! You should race! Especially ladies! Yes! Wear a costume! Because what else advertises your cycling prowess than your best pair of spangly tights and wearing your wonderwoman underwear on the outside. Get the deets! […]

  2. Jim Sowers says:

    I would like to enter; I will be on a 29″ geared* unicycle. If there is no room for me, I could do a courtesy lap for fun. Next time, if you give us more notice, I can get a crew of unicyclists out here, several of which would be on geared 36″ unicycles hitting speeds of 25+ mph. * Geared unis use a two-speed Schlumpf hub. First gear is 1:1, high gear is 1.54:1 giving greater top end; both gears are fixed (no freewheeling).

    • flamingbike says:

      Jim! YES!!!! Please forward to your unicyclists — are you with the Berkeley unicyclists group? I was going to drop by the basketball practice with an invitation.

      In addition, I will race you on my tall bike! It’s singlespeed, mountain bike tires, not very speedy. I think we’re getting a tandem entry as well. Welcome to the Wacky Heat!

      • Jim Sowers says:

        Hi Ginger, Cool 🙂 Yes, I am with the Berkeley Unicyclists — and part of the Berkeley Revolution Basketball Team (http://goo.gl/D1UOp — I’m the guy in the orange shirt). Not sure if I can get anyone else to show up on Sat., but I’ll forward your note. Thanks! P.S Should I show up at 11am – or is noon or later OK–when is the Wacky Heat?

  3. Katio says:

    Show up at 11! Wacky heat is probably between the qualifying heats and the final heat… however it’s mostly determined by day flow.

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